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The best photographer for your next vacation in Venice, Italy! Click here to see all of the photos Enzo Mistretta took of me!

Vogue In Venice

January 31, 2021

 Some of you probably remember when I reviewed the Siena bag this past spring. You know, that gorgeous leather camera bag from Johansen Totes? Well, I am back with another beautiful bag from this company. A backpack this time – the Bellbrook in black! In the past, I was never big on backpacks as I have always preferred […]

The Bellbrook Backpack | A Johansen Totes Camera Bag

December 2, 2016

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As I am now a photographer and blogger, I have come to need a bag that can work as both a handbag and a camera bag. Hence, I spent a great deal of time scrolling Pinterest this past Autumn and Winter in search of “the perfect bag” – which ended up taking longer than I thought it […]

Johansen Totes’ Gorgeous Siena Bag

April 11, 2016

I am always unsure about making purchases online because you never know if the quality is going to be as good as it appears. So I am happy to say that this dress far exceeded its online image! As lovely as it is in photographs, it is just that much prettier in person. It really is […]

Gorgeous Grace Karin Gown

May 25, 2015

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