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If you have been following my blog for a long time, you might be surprised to see a beauty post. Its been ages since I have written anything in regards to makeup because, quite simply, I’m just not a beauty blogger. I’m a travel blogger all the way. I do enjoy wearing some makeup, though, […]

Travel Carry-On Beauty Essentials

February 10, 2017

New perfumes are constantly being released, so you would think there would be a surplus of high-quality, nice smelling fragrances. Half the time, however, I think that a lot of new releases smell extremely similar, are way too strong, and they give me a headache. When traveling, the last thing I want is to give […]

4 Fragrances That Are Perfect for Travel

June 20, 2016

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BareMinerals is my absolute favorite makeup brand. Sure, there are some products I enjoy from other companies; however, there is no brand that I like, as a whole, as much as bareMinerals. Seriously, all of their foundations, bronzers, blushers, etc., are fantastic! Here are the top 5 reasons why I love them: 1. BareMinerals Products […]

5 Reasons To Love bareMinerals | My Favorite Beauty Brand

April 18, 2016

I am literally the worst at painting my nails.  No matter how many “easy” tutorials I try to emulate, my right hand never fails to end up looking like a kindergartener went crazy on it, and the left hand – which looks great compared to my right – is nothing to be proud of.  Clearly, nail polish […]

Jamberry Nail Wraps

March 3, 2016

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Up until last month, I had not tried hair extensions of any kind. I have always thought that they look nice on other people but never felt comfortable with the idea of wearing them myself; and, since I only apply a minimal amount of makeup to my face, adding a ton of hair to my […]

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

January 19, 2016


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