Party Perfect Pumpkins

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I don’t know about you, but I am having so much fun decorating with pumpkins! These cheery babes are looking so nice in my house. Want to make them? You can! It is probably the easiest craft ever. Here is all you have to do:

what you will need:

  • rockin’ bright paint – I used “Ocean Breeze” & “Neon Pink” (69¢ here)
  • gold acrylic paint
  • gold glitter – I used “Karat” (buy here)


  1. Starting at the bottom, cover the pumpkin with three layers of paint. Make sure you let each layer fully dry before adding another coat.
  2. Cover stem in gold paint and then pour gold glitter on top. Shake off all excess glitter. 


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Let me know what you all think! xoxo

Sparkly Striped Pumpkins DIY

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As you may have seen a few days ago,  I decorated pinecones (click here) with glitter. This was so much fun that I decided to dazzle up some mini pumpkins (only 69¢ each!) as well. Aren’t they lovely?! 

Want to make your own? Here’s how!

what you will need:

  • pumpkins – any size will do, just make sure you have enough glitter if you do a large one!
  • glitter – I used “Karat,” “Topaz,” and “Chocolate Diamond” colors which you can purchase here.
  • acrylic paint – I used gold because it blended in well with the glitter, but any earth tone is fine.


  1. Turn your pumpkin upside down and coat every other ridge with a thin layer of paint.
  2. Pour the “Karat” glitter over the paint, then shake off excess glitter. Make sure you do this over a piece of paper so you don’t waist glitter and can pour the excess back into the container easily.
  3. Now paint the other ridges of your pumpkin and pour on the “Topaz” glitter. Once again, shake off excess glitter.
  4. When everything is dry, turn your pumpkin over and repeat the process on the upper part of your pumpkin.
  5. Finally, paint the stem and cover with the “Chocolate Diamond” glitter.


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Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Decorating Pinecones

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Autumn is my absolute favorite season because I get to wear chunky knit sweaters, drink pumpkin spice lattes and jump into a pile of bright, crunchy leaves (yes, I still do that). Four of my favorite things to decorate with are pumpkins, acorns, leaves and pinecones. This year, I decided to liven-up my pinecones with glitter and paint and, if I do say so myself, they turned out quite lovely! Want to make your own sparkly pinecones? Here is what I used:


I painted the pinecones with paint that I purchased at Blick’s Art Supply – a big bottle of gold paint and two colors that I got in an acrylic set. When the paint was half way dry and “tacky,” I coated them with glitters that I bought for $3.39 a piece at Walmart – the colors were “chocolate diamond,” “topaz” and “karat” (buy here).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLet me know what you think of these pinecones in the comments below! xoxo And if you make your own, share a picture with me on instagram with this hashtag: #simplydavelynpineconesdiy.

Autumn Warning

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Just because it is Fall does not mean you should Fall out of shape (get it?! Fall out in Fall?! okay I am done now…). 

With swimsuit season gone and cold weather approaching, it is easy to get all cozy by the fire and forget to exercise. Do not let yourself hibernate this winter, though. Keep in shape and save yourself from some extra, and unnecessary, labor next spring.

Also remember that exercise does not have to be an unpleasant chore. You do not have to run for miles on the treadmill or do a ton of weights. Simply, stay active and remember that even a tortoise can win the race ;)

Here are some simple exercises you that can do each day:

  1. Do at least 30 squats every time you enter the restroom.
  2. Do 15 or more crunches before and after you sleep.
  3. Do 20 jumping jacks before you watch TV or listen to music.

On top of this,  always remember to stretch and drink plenty of water – aim for eight, 8 oz glasses a day. But most of all, have fun. Give yourself a pat on the back for putting in even the smallest amount of effort.

Now tell me, what is your favorite way to exercise? Do you have any tips or tricks? Please share in the comments below! xx

Giving October a Proper Welcome

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Il n’y a rien de mieux qu’un bon livre. 

Is there any better way to welcome October, than spending the evening at Barnes and Noble surrounded by books? Well no, there isn’t. From this “welcoming party,” I walked away with two lovely finds: a journal and the first issue of the new magazine Bella Grace.

the journal.

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I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this journal. Why do I adore it so? One, it has a lovely embossed pattern on it. Two, it was handmade in one of my favorite countries – Italy, duh. Three, the cover is real leather (I absolutely love leather journals and how they smell). I cannot wait to start writing in this!

I purchased this journal for only $34.95. To order your own, click here.

bella grace.

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I am extremely pleased with this new magazine. So pleased, in fact, that it is now my very favorite magazine. With thick pages, really no advertisements, gorgeous photographs on every page, lovely quotes and stories and pages to fill in yourself, who could help but adore it? I hope to one day have my own photographs or writings published in here.

I purchased this copy for $19.99. To order your own, click here.

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful October. Enjoy every minute of it. Make beautiful memories.

National Coffee Day

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Today is National Coffee Day. Do I love coffee? Heck yes!

In honor of this most spectacular holiday, here are some of my favorite coffee quotes:

(all quote pictures found on pinterest)

My favorite coffee would have to be either a vanilla latte or pumpkin spice latte. Yuuummm.

What is your favorite coffee? Let me know in the comments below! xoxo

Oh! And where can you get those adorable socks that I am wearing?! Buy a pair for $6 here!

Julep Nail Polish

IMG_2350Vegan-friendly. Formaldehyde free. Julep Nail Polishes are the way to go.

I have always been an Essie nail polish girl – I think most of us are ;) I tried Julep nail polish a month ago and was surprised by how wonderful it is, though. These nail polishes are ever bit as smooth as Essie’s and they last a long time without chipping. The really great thing about them is how natural and less-damaging for your nails they are. So as much as I love Essie, I am more of a “Julep girl” now.

Some of their nail polishes are sold at Sephora. If you cannot find the colour you are looking for there, you can order them online by clicking here.

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What are some of the top sites that they work with?

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Braided Scarf DIY

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skill level: beginner | crochet time: 2 or more hours

what you will need to know:

  • How to chain (chn). Don’t know how? Learn here!
  • How to double crochet (dc). Don’t know how? Learn here!
  • How to slip stitch (st). Don’t know how? Learn here!

the supplies you will need:

  • a “P” or “11.50 mm” sized crochet hook.
  • yarn (I used a little less than three spools – 2 gray, 1 purple).


  1. Make three crocheted strands. Chain 8. Double crochet 48 rows. End with slip stitch.
  2. Join ends. Lay all three ends on top of each other and sew together with yarn.
  3. Braid strands. Make sure they are loose and not twisted – you want the scarf to lay nicely.
  4. Sew the other strand ends. Do exactly the same as before and make sure not to tangle braid.
  5. Sew the joined ends together. Sew them facing each other so it will lay nicely on your neck.


andvoila! So simple. So cute. 

Eye Mask DIY

photoskill level: beginner | craft time: less than an hour

what you will need:

  • felt (preferable black, so it will keep out light)
  • desired top fabric (I used flannel monkey fabric from Joann’s)
  • ribbon (about 9 inches long)
  • elastic (I used .38″ wide lace elastic which you can get here)
  • double fold bias tape (around 20″)


  1. Cut felt and top fabric to desired size. I cut out two rectangles that were 7″ long and 3 1/2″ wide, then I rounded the edges and made an arch where it lays on my nose.
  2. Align fabrics. Put wrong sides together and place three pins in across the center.
  3. Pin on bias tape and elastic. Make sure that bias tape is even all the way around and put extra pins in corners. Elastic should be measured by using your head – pull elastic tightly behind your head and measure from temple to temple. Need help learning how to sew on bias tape? Click here.
  4. Sew on bias tape and elastic. Use a number two straight stitch and start in the corner that you will be putting your bow.
  5. Make bow and sew on by hand.

and…voila! So simple. So cute.